I started yesterday my 9 day Novena to Saint Jude. I am asking for for your continued intercession, I am desperate , lost and overwhelmed. Dear Saint Jude you are the patron of “ lost causes” I am begging for your intercession in my prayers I feel at across road in my life with financial burden, my career is overwhelming and my personal and professional relationships are not working out tfor he way I hoped for. In my hours of desperation I am begging you to help me find my way ! Help me to find a solution for my troubled life. Guide me out of this despair and teach me how to become a better person and better Christian. It appears that lately no matter what I do or say it is not what people expect , and because of that I feel rejected and as an outcast. Pray for me do I can find my way to communicate with people so I am not miss understood. Financially I hit bottom and except a miracle happens I do not know how I will be able to meet my financial obligations. Because of all the stressors I am very stressed and depressed. Dear Saint Jude , I feel at times that no one understands me , so I turn to you and ask for your intercession and your support Please listen to my prayers and continue to pray for me. I want the world to know that you are my Saint patron and I am publishing my thoughts, prayers and gratitude for you Saint Jude. Amen.


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