Thank you Lord God for keeping us safe during our flight and thank you for seeing your hand on making sure that we will victoriously enter canada with all good and no restrictions on our permits. And for having my back when I am answering the Immigration Officer’s questions. Thank you so much for giving us family who are always with us with all the support. Thank you for giving us all these provisions in everything we need. Also, thank you St. Jude for praying for me, for the miracle given by the Holy Spirit that you have gave me so that our prayers of miracle will be received. GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME. will never doubt God’s will and love for me and my family. Thank you. I KNOW THAT GOD IS WITH ME FOREVER AND EVERYTHING WILL BE WORKING FOR MY GOOD. I trust and believe in the Lord always. Will be forever grateful. Thank you also, St. JUDE. IN JESUS’ NAME, WE PRAY. amen.

Pam F.

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