Dearest Father,
Today is my final paper for my Term 3 examinations. Father, I pray that I will be able to have Your support and help to allow me to have a retentive memory and also a great depth of understanding of the contents such that I will be able to do every single question with ease and comfort. Lord, most merciful, please provide for me and raise me up in all my adversities. Help me also with my mathematics and chemistry exams that I have recently completed. Help me and give me Your Grace to overcome and be able to start my first year in medicine in 2024. Father, it will be my dream to be there and if I can get there, I promise to do my best to serve those who really need medical attention the most. Lord, please allow me to become someone who is good and also, be a source of light for others. Amen.

Dearest Saint Jude,
Please give me hope and help me to stay positive during these times. Help me to worship God and please intercede on my behalf do that God will be able to listen and provide for me. Thank you, Saint Jude. Amen.


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