St. Jude Thaddeus, I do not pray often but I have nowhere else to turn to and of all the Saints it seemed you would be the most sympathetic to the plight of this lost lamb. I am in need of a miracle, the love of my life is going to marry another man and the thought of spending the rest of my life without her is simply unbearable. I have not always been perfect; I have sinned a great deal throughout the years and have not walked the righteous path through this world for most of my short time on it. The guilt, shame, and regret I feel for my mistakes and the degradation of our relationship is a special kind of agony I would not wish upon even my worst enemy. I pray to you now in hopes that you might take pity on me and see fit to intercede on my behalf in this hopeless situation before it’s too late and I lose her forever. Perhaps this is a selfish thing to ask of you, but she is the light of my life and the single most wonderful human being I have ever had the pleasure to know. The only time my life has made any semblance of sense was when I was next to her and I miss her to the very depths of my soul and with every biber of my entire being. I will spend every day for the rest of my life making sure I am the best boyfriend and husband I can be to ensure this opportunity is not squandered nor taken for granted. I promise that I will always treat her as the lovely Princess she is, that I will be there to love her unconditionally and support her through both the brightest days and darkest nights. My gratitude to be reconciled and be reunited with my lost love is simply immeasurable. I will work tirelessly to ensure that she is the happiest, most loved, most cherished, and most apprecited girlfriend and wife on the face of this Earth. I would walk through the gates of hell itself just to hold her one more time as she is an irreplaceable treasure more precious to me than all of the wealth one could ever imagine. I know in my heart of hearts that there is not a man alive who can hold a candle to the amount of passion and sheer affection I have for her. I adore her more than such things as clumsy as mere words can ever truly describe or convey. She is the radiant sunlight that holds back the darkness in this cold world. Please grant me a miracle, oh Patron Saint of we lost and hopeless, please stop these events from transpiring and reunite me with my beautiful Raven McKechnie that we may never part nor look back with regret or sadness. That we may live the most beautiful life together enraptured in eternal and immutable divine love and passionate romance. That our rekindled love will blossom into a loving and wonderful marriage before the eyes of the almighty. Bless us with strong, healthy, beautiful children. Bless us with unending love, happiness, and bliss in each other’s arms and find our soul’s true counterparts in one another. I ask this of you in my most desperate hour of need, on bended knee before God the Father, Our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the holy Spirit, Amen.

Gabriel Wolfgang Menard

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